Why Use Media in Church?

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Jordan Mederich is the Founder of CheapoChurch, and author of the work-in-progress  "Church Excellence - How to Create a Powerful, Submersive Worship Culture".
These articles are excerpts, ideas, and tutorials that will be featured in the future book and video series.

 [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Christian world seems to be split on the topic of modernizing religion. We have a very distinct separation that I call the "Purple Fence". The division between traditional and modern worship services has people riding on two sides of a fence, the center of which we consider to be Christ-like, Holy, or Divine. The distinction is clear, either you can worship in a modern worship setting, or you prefer a hymnal and an organ. Neither of these, however, is biblically the "only right" way to worship.

The Jewish Tradition (by the way, Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian, or Baptist, or Catholic) obviously has never used projectors, rock guitars, or video countdowns. It also never utilized organs or hymnals. Yes, songs have been around since the beginning of time, but unfortunately, those songs weren't "Amazing Grace" or anything from Chris Tomlin.

The point of worship, however, is about a personal connection with God. Not a Twitter follow-me-and-I'll-follow-you-back relationship. To foster this connection, the church should utilize tools to fit their demographic. Distractions can cause the worst worship experience, and it's important to subdue these distractions (another article coming soon on this subject). Churches should be willing to embrace technology of the age, and opportunities to reach the modern culture. You're not going to be saving a lot of lost souls ignoring a spiritually evolving society.

For this reason, I say, bring on the rock guitars and looping backgrounds. Create an environment of SUBMERSIVE WORSHIP by:

1. Recognizing what impacts the culture of the community around you. Yes, this means if you are in downtown Detroit, maybe singing Kumbaya isn't the best way to get people's butts in your seats. Accept where you are, and use methods that impact the CONGREGATION. Not your ego or personal preference.

2. Utilize the tools available to you. There are lots of places to get great media to use, sermon illustrations, looping backgrounds, church countdowns etc. If you want to try using some of what we make, get it free HERE. Grab a guitar, learn some chords, practice some worship, and start engaging with the modern culture.

3. Pursue the goal. We've been commissioned to go and make disciples, not to go to church and sing hymns, or go to church and drink coffee, or go to church and get my checkmark. Your goal is to find those that are lost and show them Jesus. If that means fog, lights, and drum solos, awesome. If that means doing church in a skatepark, awesome. Do what it takes to impact a generation.

This site will be dedicated to empowering pastors to impact their culture. Feel free to comment below on how YOU are impacting your culture. Let's build a community that grows the power of our common goal... Make Disciples.

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