Triathlon Runner Represents Sermon Gear!

by / Saturday, 21 July 2012 / Published in Blog

Yesterday, Sunday May 20th, a great friend of ours (aka my big brother) ran a triathlon in Kansas City MO., and certainly had a cool sponsor. His final times were:

-Swim (37 Minutes)

-Bike (1 Hour, 40 Minutes)

-Run (1 Hour, 6 Minutes)

Aweseome finish times! He started training about a year ago to be able to accomplish these events. At first he was barely able to run a mile, but just a couple months ago he ran a Marathon. It is pretty amazing to look back over the time he has trained to see how far he's come. In fact, the inspiration didn't fall far from the tree...

His wife Robyn has been an avid runner for quite some time, and now my wife Julia, my mother in law Donna, and yes... even myself, we are all planning to do a sprint Triathlon in August. When you put a deadline on a dream, it becomes a goal, and you're WAY more likely to follow through with a goal than a dream.

So, what are you merely 'dreaming' of doing? Do you want your church to double in size? Do you want to get rid of all of your debt? Want to lose 20 pounds? Make it a goal.

Here are my tips for these goals: Evangelize, Dave Ramsey, and Start Running, respectively. That's my challenge for you right now. Think of that one thing that you've been PLANNING on doing for so long, and put a date on it. Write it out, put it in a frame, and stick it on your wall. I have one right next to my desk right now, to grow Sermon Gear to 500 members by the end of 2012. I now have a GOAL.

[quote]Dreams you can accomplish in your sleep, a goal will make you wake up.[/quote]

When you make a goal, you empower yourself to FINISH STRONG.

Share your goal in the comment section below. What are YOU going to accomplish, and WHEN?


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