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  • RISE: The Power Of Baptism

    RISE: The Power Of Baptism

    A powerful and inspiring Baptism promo/teaser to set the tone for your Baptism Service! A great tool for proclaiming...
  • Abounding Grace

    Abounding Grace

    A Gripping, Emotional Story of Grace Through Adversity. Perfect opener for your next sermon on Grace, Faith, Humilit...
  • “The 12” – Minor Prophet Series

    “The 12” – Minor Prophet Series

    An entire 12 week Minor Prophet sermon series pack! Featuring this cinematic opening, and 41 Background images to br...
  • MARTURION: Brian’s Testimony

    MARTURION: Brian’s Testimony

    A Powerful Story of Addiction, Hope, and Redemption. Brian's Testimony is one of many, where God has turned a lost s...
  • RECRUIT: Kids Church Volunteers

    RECRUIT: Kids Church Volunteers

      Recruiting Children's Church and Nursery workers can be difficult, but not with this funny, tongue-in-cheek v...
  • Love Advice From Kids

    Love Advice From Kids

    A fun and bright way to start your next service. Featuring REAL quotes about love from kids, they'll say the darndes...
  • The Truth About Tithing

    The Truth About Tithing

    Free 4 pack of Sermon Slides with Mini-Movie! Encourage, inspire, and educate your congregation about tithing. This ...
  • Angels Among Us

    Angels Among Us

    An inspiring and thought-provoking short film with a twist. A great illustration that allows the gaps to be filled b...
  • The BIG Question

    The BIG Question

    We all love BIG. This short video asks a crucial question that we should consider. When we build BIG, who are we bui...
  • Our King – Worship Launcher

    Our King – Worship Launcher

    A bright and inspiring start to worship! This kinetic typography style video engages the congregation with a call to...
  • Finding Your Calling

    Finding Your Calling

    Finding God's calling for our lives can sometimes be confusing, but everybody has a role to play. Finding that role,...
  • Man in the Mirror

    Man in the Mirror

    We are presented with opportunities to witness with every person we encounter, but rarely do we seize the chance. In...
  • “Bill, The Church Hopper”

    “Bill, The Church Hopper”

    FREE COUNTDOWN INCLUDED! Bill loves church, but he loves GOING to church even more... maybe not for the right reason...
  • “Our Cell Phone Policy”

    “Our Cell Phone Policy”

    A hilarious way to remind the congregation to turn their cell phones off! This short mini-movie features a 3D animat...