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  • Party Drive Countdown

    Party Drive Countdown

      Get your church pumped up and ready for service! You get the HD and SD versions of the countdown, simply choo...
  • iPad Countdown

    iPad Countdown

      A fun iPad themed countdown with exciting background and included music! You get the HD and SD versions of th...
  • Visual Caffeine Countdown

    Visual Caffeine Countdown

    A 5 minute suckerpunch of energy and color. Use this countdown to get your church pumped up for service! Features an...
  • DEEP Underwater Countdown

    DEEP Underwater Countdown

    For a sermon series, or a one-week object lesson about "going deeper" with Christ, use this countdown to set the moo...
  • Fire & Ice 3D Countdown

    Fire & Ice 3D Countdown

    Great for youth groups, or to set the tone for a powerful sermon ahead, this 3D background features a mix of a hot a...
  • “Bill, The Church Hopper” Countdown

    “Bill, The Church Hopper” Countdown

    This is the accompanying countdown for use before you show the "Bill, The Church Hopper" Mini-movie. It's a funny co...
  • Patriotic Flag Countdown

    Patriotic Flag Countdown

    Slow moving American flag flies over a moving background with a 3 minute countdown. Perfect for use on President’s...
  • Red Neon Countdown

    Red Neon Countdown

    Welcome your congregation with a modern, flickering red neon countdown. Use any music you'd like, and give the churc...
  • “Did You Know” Bible Facts Countdown

    “Did You Know” Bible Facts Countdown

    This 3D text countdown features several facts about the Bible you might not know! Enlighten your waiting congregati...
  • “REDflective” 3D Countdown Template

    “REDflective” 3D Countdown Template

    This 3D countdown is a great way to lead up to your service while showing your announcements live! Simply add your t...